Doggy Daycare

At Diggity Dog Playhouse doggy daycare, dogs get to play together.

Three large, fully-enclosed indoor / outdoor play areas for dogs of similar size and temperament

Always clean and safe

Supervised by staff

Toys and play structures

Splash pools

Overnight Lodging

Give your dog a staycation at Diggity Dog Playhouse while you take a vacation.

Spacious accommodations

Raised beds with warm, soft bedding

Early drop off and late pickup

Wash and Fluff

Wash & dry for a clean, happy and healthy pup.

All dogs, big and small

Safe and gentle shampoos

Cool air dry for the fluffiest fur


Initial Doggy Interview

An initial doggy interview is required for all dogs. A $25 interview fee is required prior to interview. This is non- refundable if interview is cancelled. Our staff is busy taking care of all the fur babies in the building, so please come to your interview on-time. The $ interview fee will included a day of daycare while we take time assessing your amazing fur baby. Thank you for your understanding. We love to make sure all dogs get along and have a happy, great time at Diggity Dog Playhouse, we conduct temperament and socialization interviews. To schedule an interview for your dog, call us at (209) 836-3647 or send an email to